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Lead Testing in Miami Florida

Lead is dangerous because it can infiltrate your water and soil, causing lead poisoning. Call Mold Assessment Services today for expert lead paint removal and water testing for lead services.

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Find out what’s in your water or soil with lead testing and get lead abatement done in Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Brickell, Aventura, and the surrounding areas in South Florida.

If you own a home or business that was built before 1978, you need to consider the danger of lead. Lead testing and lead paint removal are vital to ensuring a safe environment for your family and your workers. Lead paint remediation is necessary for many older homes and buildings, and the process of lead extraction and lead encapsulation calls for professional lead paint removal companies like Mold Assessment Services. By doing lead testing for paint and lead testing in water, Mold Assessment Services can ensure that your home or business is safe from material that contains lead for your family and your workers. Lead paint inspections can uncover the dangers of lead, while water testing for lead will ensure that your drinking water is safe from exposure to lead.

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  • Dangers of Lead

Lead is so dangerous because it is easily ground into lead dust and becomes airborne. When lead gets into your system, lead affects the nervous system of humans, and causes great harm, especially in young children. Not only can lead cause behavioral problems in children, but also IQ problems and learning disabilities as well.

  • Lead Based Paint

Lead based paint is one of the leading and most common sources of risk for lead exposure and potential lead poisoning. Before 1978, lead based paint was widely used in many homes and businesses for its ability to last longer. Many businesses and older homes built before it was government banned have the potential to contain lead particles that will need to be professionally and safely removed. The biggest danger of lead based paint is when the paint chips, becomes lead dust or lead gets into the ground and causes lead contaminated soil.

  • Lead Poisoning

When the body is exposed to lead materials, lead poisoning occurs, leading to lead poisoning symptoms such as memory problems, abdominal pain, headaches, constipation, and intellectual issues, especially in young children. More serious effects of exposure to lead can cause seizures, anemia, coma, or death. Exposure to high levels of lead in pregnant women can cause miscarriage, premature birth, or stillborn birth. Young children are more prone to lead exposure as they are more susceptible to putting things in their mouths that contain lead, and their growing bodies absorb lead quicker and easier. Adults are more susceptible by working in certain occupations such as auto mechanics or construction workers. Even low levels of lead can prove to be a danger over prolonged exposure. The only way to prevent lead exposure is to remove all materials that contain lead. Other helpful tactics to avoid exposure to lead include wash hands with soap and water, keeping properties as dust free as possible, washing bottles and toys frequently and adults that work in higher risk environments should change clothes before coming home, and wash those clothes separately.

  • Where is Lead Found?

Lead can be found in paint and in water, and lead paint removal companies do lead testing to see if a home or part of a home needs lead paint removal and lead paint encapsulation. Common places to find amounts of lead in a home or business include:​

  • Smelling a musty odor
  • Buying or selling a property

Outside of lead based paint, other less known sources of lead exposure can include lead dust, lead pipes, plumbing materials, lead glazed ceramics, painted toys, imported candies, lead solder on cans of food, or cosmetics.

Lead in Drinking Water

Water testing is also done to see if the drinking water in your home or business contains telltale signs of lead. Lead hardly occurs naturally in rivers or lakes but pipes and plumbing materials can be sources of lead that can infiltrate drinking water. Mold Assessment Services has the tools to access the situation and help you to eradicate any sources of lead in drinking water.

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  • Lead Abatement

The process of lead abatement begins with lead abatement contractors who do lead testing to see what type of problem there is and where lead can be found. After the property has been tested for lead, lead paint abatement often follows, and there are several steps to this process of lead paint removal. Whether lead removal from water or lead paint remediation, a trained lead paint removal service like Mold Assessment Services should be called in to help safely remove any material that contains lead. In order to carry out the lead removal, they will have to scrape paint for lead extraction while also making the space safer through lead encapsulation. Exterior lead paint removal is also a possibility if the lead problem is on the outside of the house or business or if there is lead contaminated soil.

With so much riding on the safety of your family and employees, lead abatement and lead paint encapsulation are vital to keeping your home or business safe from being exposed to lead. Professional lead abatement contractors like Mold Assessment Services know exactly how to perform a lead encapsulation and lead paint removal which results in lead remediation for your home or business. They will also do water testing for lead, to make sure all areas of your home are safe from any materials containing lead. Trust the experts at Mold Assessment Services when dealing with lead, which can cause irreversible damage to your family or co-workers.

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