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Don’t let mold or lead affect your indoor air quality, water or soil. Let Mold Assessment Services inspection company provide the testing and remediation services you need in Davie to return your interior to a healthy condition.

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Offering quality indoor air quality testing, mold testing, and water testing for homes and businesses in Davie, Miami, Coral Gables, Brickell, Aventura, and the surrounding areas in South Florida.

Davie Florida is known for having a Western feel, even if it is in South Florida, and a large-scale population can be found here that owns horses and enjoys equestrian sports. This beautiful town is only a short drive from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but its proximity to these larger towns doesn’t subtract from Davie’s small town charm.

When it comes to the health of your family or employees, there is no measure that is too much to take to ensure their integrity. Air and water are vital to human life but can also be susceptible to harmful dangers that can cause illness, making indoor air quality and water integrity incredibly important in your home or building. Davie mold issues, lead, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and other environmental materials can have hazardous effects on the air you breathe or the water you drink. Mold Assessment Services understands the importance of protecting those that inhabit your residential and commercial property and provide expert environmental services in Davie FL to restore your home or business back to a more healthy state. If you suspect that there may be some issues with your business or home air quality or water in Davie, Florida, let our expert professionals perform quality indoor air quality testing services, indoor air quality inspection, mold testing, and water testing services in your property and resolve any issues you may have in Miami FL, Davie, Miami Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and all of South Florida. Call us today to get started with quality service!

Indoor Air Quality in Davie FL

Though invisible, the indoor air quality of the air you breathe at home or work is incredibly important. Many times, occupants have been living with poor indoor air quality in Davie FL home or building properties and possibly suffering from signs and symptoms such as persistent colds, worsening asthma symptoms, allergies or congestion before realizing that indoor air quality inspection and indoor air quality services are necessary. An indoor air quality test that includes inspection and testing is the most reliable and concrete way to assess your interior, especially post remediation. Mold Assessment Services’  business and home air quality inspectors and indoor air quality assessors provide indoor air quality testing services with state of the art equipment to determine the condition of the indoor air quality in your South Florida property.

Our professional mold specialist team uses state of the art equipment to ensure proper indoor air quality testing. Indoor air quality testing Davie can detect carbon monoxide levels, lead, radon, mold, dust mites, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, and many other kinds of pollutants that can create poor indoor air quality. An indoor air quality test can examine conditions in an interior and uncover any hidden dangers. The HVAC system, ventilation, and other areas may be checked for a complete understanding of business and home air quality indoor environments. After our indoor air quality testing Davie, we will go over the air quality test inspection report findings with you to determine the best solutions to return your air quality indoor environment to its optimal. Our indoor air quality experts not only provide professional air quality testing that is consistent with indoor air quality standards, but can also help with how to improve air quality indoors.

Mold Testing in Davie FL

Miami mold spores are naturally occurring, but a mold issue indoors has the potential to be harmful to the health of those who inhabit your residential or commercial property, especially black mold growth. Mold inspection and mold testing Davie FL services performed by professional mold testing companies, and certified mold inspectors or a mold specialist are the most concrete way to know if you have a Miami mold problem but have not visibly confirmed mold growth indoors. A mold test will also confirm the existence of a mold issue before taking on a costly and timely mold remediation in Davie services, which we highly recommend. If Davie mold spores are found to be present, professional mold inspection in Davie, mold testing mold removal and mold remediation by a mold specialist will likely be needed to restore the indoor environment and air quality. Davie mold growth is most commonly associated with water damage or a water intrusion and should always be considered in that event, which we highly recommend. Miami mold growth is also commonly found in the HVAC system, air conditioning coils, and bathrooms, where a water source, water intrusion, or water damage may be present and will likely require the help of a professional mold specialist.

A Miami mold testing professional or mold specialist is able to perform a comprehensive mold inspection and testing in Davie FL. A mold removal in Davie FL is required to address a mold problem with state of the art equipment to determine the type and severity of any potential Miami mold growth. Mold Assessment Services’ locally owned and operated certified mold inspectors are available for toxic mold testing, air testing for mold, mold assessments, indoor air quality testing, mold inspection, and mold testing for homes and businesses. Our certified mold inspectors provide ultimate customer service for all your Miami mold inspection and mold testing services needs in Miami Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and all of South Florida.

Mold Assessment Services’ expert licensed mold specialist professionals are available for comprehensive mold inspection in Davie, toxic mold testing, indoor air quality testing for mold, indoor air quality inspection, mold assessments, Miami mold inspection, mold remediation in Davie, and mold testing for homes and businesses. Our licensed mold specialist professionals provide ultimate customer service for all your professional mold inspection, mold removal in Davie FL. So as the mold testing services needs in Davie and all of South Florida.

Radon Gas in Davie FL

Originating from the breakdown of uranium in water, rock, and soil, radon gas is known as a silent killer. Colorless and odorless, radon gas can enter your home or business through the foundation, pipes, or drains, making radon testing necessary. Symptoms from radon gas can include persistent cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain, hoarseness, and fatigue. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer, after cigarettes, resulting in an estimated 20,000 lung cancer deaths per year. Detecting radon gas can be tricky, but Mold Assessment Services’ trained technicians can perform professional radon testing in Davie FL with radon testing equipment to determine the existence and severity of radon gas in Florida. If radon gas is found at dangerous levels, radon remediation, radon abatement, radon removal, and radon mitigation services are needed immediately by professional radon removal companies and radon mitigation companies to reduce the levels of radon gas present. As radon mitigation contractors, we offer business and home radon testing, radon gas removal, radon testing in water, and radon abatement services to return your residential or commercial property back to healthy conditions.

Mold Testing and Mold Inspection in Hallandale Beach Florida​

Asbestos in Davie FL

Previously used in construction materials, asbestos fibers pose a danger to health when breathed in, causing mesothelioma and lung cancer, resulting in an estimated 5,000 deaths per year. Widely used in many residential and commercial properties before it was government banned in 1978, asbestos is known for its flame retardant, thermal and sound deadening benefits, and can be found in asbestos tiles, asbestos siding, asbestos insulation, asbestos in popcorn ceiling, asbestos floor tiles, asbestos ceiling, asbestos in shingles, asbestos in drywall, asbestos insulation in attic, asbestos in flooring, asbestos in pipe insulation, and asbestos in roofing. Asbestos exposure can cause asbestos poisoning, resulting in symptoms of asbestos exposure such as shortness of breath, chest pain, persistent dry cough, and loss of appetite. Mold Assessment Services understands the dangers of asbestos and our asbestos inspectors can perform complete asbestos testing service, asbestos inspections, asbestos survey, asbestos air testing, asbestos sampling, and asbestos home testing. If asbestos fibers are found in your home or business, our trained professionals can then provide asbestos removal, asbestos abatement, and asbestos remediation in Davie FL. It is important to choose asbestos experts as there are special precautions that must be taken to ensure safety and the proper disposing of asbestos.

Water Testing in Davie FL

The quality of your water is not something that should be overlooked. If you are concerned about the quality of your water supply, testing your water with water quality testing is the best way to understand the health of the water your family or employees are using. Groundwater can contain many contaminants and well water testing may be necessary to confirm whether you need water testing for lead, water testing for bacteria, water testing for lead, water testing arsenic, or drinking water testing services. As a professional water testing company in Davie FL, Mold Assessment Services’ locally owned and operated expert water testing professionals use specialized water testing equipment to assess your water purification and provide quality service in all of South Florida. After our water testing and inspection report, we will go over the water testing results and inspection report with you to determine the best solution to ensure you have clean water in your home or business. Call us to start testing water quality in Miami Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and all of South Florida today.

Lead in Water or Paint in Davie FL

Prior to 1978, lead used to be added to paint and was widely used in many residential and commercial buildings. It can also be present in private well water systems or certain copper pipes, and brass fittings and fixtures. When inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin, lead in water or paint can cause a variety of mental and physical issues, including learning disabilities, and damage to the nervous, blood, and kidney systems. As professional lead abatement contractors, Mold Assessment Services offers lead testing, water testing for lead, lead paint encapsulation, lead abatement, lead paint inspections, lead paint removal, lead encapsulation, lead extraction, lead remediation in Davie FL. All lead paint removal companies must follow certain federal guidelines to prevent further lead contamination and our lead removal experts will ensure the safest lead paint removal service and lead removal from water possible.

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